The CNIM Group designs and produces high technology turnkey industrial solutions including unique research and specialist services. The Group has four characteristics that are exemplary of a global company; Continuity, Creativity, Know-How and Responsiveness.

Listed on the public regulated market, ‘Euronext Paris’, CNIM is based on a stable family shareholding that provides guaranteed support for all of its future development.

Headed by the Group Management Board Chairman, Mr. N. Dmitrieff, CNIM’s main areas of activity are:

The Environment.
Mechanical Products and Systems with high technological content for various sectors including defence, nuclear power, industry and life sciences.
Energy (both thermal and solar).

The CNIM Group focuses on technological excellence in all of its core activities. By developing and controlling innovative products and support services the Group has achieved global success. The Group and its European subsidiaries are widely recognised as key players in their core activity sectors.

For any enquiries you may have you can contact us on 01902 352 864 or alternatively, use our contact form.

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