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The origins of CNIM ECS
CNIM ECS was initially established with the primary purpose of providing environmental maintenance and construction services for contracts awarded to its ultimate parent company CNIM SA. Such contracts principally entail the processing, treatment and disposal of municipal solid wastes through the operation of ‘waste to energy’ plants constructed by CNIM SA both in the UK and throughout mainland Europe.

Recently the company has diversified in to new markets, focusing on the repair and maintenance of pressurised water and steam systems for Water Tube Boilers, package boiler installation and Coal Fired Boilers for external customers within the UK and throughout Europe.

Where necessary CNIM ECS provide support services for the delivery of routine maintenance schemes or general day to day maintenance. CNIM ECS also provide similar services to comparable facilities constructed and/or operated by independent companies or local authorities.

CNIM ECS today and tomorrow…
Commercial boiler systems are in operation throughout a broad range of sectors within the UK and Europe. Skills and knowledge developed in the ’waste to energy’ generation market is now being used by the company to expand its operation within new sectors throughout the commercial boiler systems market.

The company has the capacity to deliver rapid response maintenance, ensuring that the customer is back to operational capacity within the shortest possible time.

CNIM ECS’s staff provides a high level of professional expertise and knowledge of pressurised water and steam systems for Water Tube Boilers, Package Boilers, package boiler installation and Coal Fired Boilers. This ensures a proactive approach to the repair and maintenance of these systems, delivering long term solutions that are fully project managed and integrated within planned maintenance schedules.

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