CNIM ECS construct Water Tube Boilers and Package Boilers to meet exact client requirements, regardless of size or scale. Boilers can be integrated into an existing system or a new plant build.

CNIM ECS offer a bespoke design and build solution backed by our parent company CNIM SA or can work from client’s own drawings and plans. All new systems are built to meet the exacting needs of clients and take into consideration both current and future requirements. Application of this philosophy ensures the new boiler system will deliver efficient performance and reliability throughout its life span.

Our boiler systems are built to be durable, reliable and efficient. Our fully qualified team consists of approved welders trained to the highest standards supported by highly skilled technicians and maintenance staff. All aspects of boiler construction are project managed by experienced engineers ensuring the highest quality standards are achieved.

Boilers are fabricated off site then assembled onsite and integrated into boiler systems by our highly skilled construction engineers. We can build, assemble and link up to existing air and gas ducting or install new ducting as per your requirements.

Boiler Construction Specialists - CNIM ECS
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